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Specializing in block printed vintage blazers

The Floral Collection - “SUMMER OF SELVES”

This collection is inspired by curiosity, the spirit of inquiry into what makes us uniquely who we are, what identifies our unique selves. Throughout different phases of our human experience, we are often asked, and often ask ourselves, “Who are you?” or “Who do you want to be?” In response, we spend most of our lives locked in contemplating and behaving as if there is only one answer. There isn't one answer, there are infinite answers because we all have infinite personas, infinite selves. The beauty of the human experience, when we free ourselves from striving to be “one thing,” is the unlocking of our essential beings, our selves. The unlocking begins when we open ourselves to one another and accept our combinations of perspectives, the coming together of our multiple personas, our unique selves. This coming together gifts us with opportunities to look inward and to unlock other aspects of ourselves that then self-guide us to our next personas, our next selves. You have been self-guided here. We hope you come together with us as we all explore the new selves within us that are yearning to be unlocked, to be set free.

PS: Each hand-printed piece is as unique as each of your colorful selves.