Q: How do you reflect on the differences between the stories you tell yourself vs. reality?⁣

ISAAC: I often find myself living in the realm of my own fantasies. How I perceive the world and its beauty are often influenced by them. I tend to romanticize my reality as much as possible because living in the realm of artistic beauty is infatuating.

“I fear the self that fears, as my own fear has limited my growth.”

Q: There's a current trend about accepting oneself as one is and although it may be present in a beautiful way on social media, there will always be part of us that feels we are missing something. What is your process in reaching clarity, in reaching fulfillment? 

ISAAC: Accepting yourself is harder than it presents itself to be because in order to reach self-acceptance you need to learn how to love yourself. Once you learn to love yourself, you accept your strengths and flaws and use them to your advantage. Nevertheless, learning to love yourself is hard because nobody really teaches you how to do it. Learning to accept and love yourself, however, heavily consists of meditation and deconstruction of old beliefs you held about yourself and society.


“Your experience is continuous and the experiences that you experience and the experiences that you are currently experiencing and are going to experience impact who you are and who you will be. Take the time to reflect on who you are, who you are becoming, and who you want to become.”

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